Saas Products

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Elevate your real estate game with our cutting-edge management app, meticulously crafted for American realtors. Automate 90% of your business and close million dollar deals from your couch


Conquer the lead game with precision using our advanced lead management software. Tailored with absolute UI/UX design for seamless lead capture, management, and distribution. Automate your entire lead management process & drive business success.


An immaculate platform for managing email unsubscribes and suppression lists. Restoring the full glory of your inbox by adhering to laws and regulations like CAN-SPAM, CASL, and GDPR.


Experience an advanced affiliate marketing and link performance tracking service with custom flashy features and intuitive UI/UX design. It is designed to precisely track every affiliate link and provide you with a comprehensive data report without breaking the bank.


GetShortLink is the most advanced link shortener on the planet with unrivaled custom feature creation, security, and 24×7 support. Convert your long, ugly links into crisp, branded URLs with just a single click.


A groundbreaking platform created to enhance your email marketing approach. With its advanced features, improve your email deliverability rates, ensuring your messages reach your intended audience’s primary inboxes.


A supercharged email verification service that ensures your email list is filled with potential customers. Our scrupulously crafted algorithm scans, detect, and eliminates the phonies, typos, and ghosts that haunt your contact list.


The new world algorithm built for individuals and organizations interested in discovering the exact price of any property in the US. It exemplifies the data in a user-friendly UI/UX design with interactive maps and detailed reports, ensuring easy navigation through the complex world of real estate.


A supreme online email marketing and deliverability platform that was invented to effortlessly manage campaigns, boost engagement, and fuel conversions. Equipped with the world’s first Custom One-Click SMTP Server Installation program, Nuke is a multi-dimensional internet marketing campaign service.